Which answer is True?

1. What does a Maroon do?

  • Steal coconut cookies from slavers

  • Survive, alone and shipwrecked, on an island

  • Say yessuh! to plantation owners

  • Raid plantations unless owners paid in livestock and food

  • Crash around noisily in the forest

2. How many slaves escaped from slavery in the 1850s?

  • 5 to 49

  • 50 to 499

  • 500 to 4,999

  • 5,000 to 49,999

  • 50,000+

* Now let's make the quiz a little harder! Which answer is False? *

3. Constable Yokum:

  • Was a police officer in 1850’s Pennsylvania

  • Had a PA town named after him

  • Gave good directions to slave catchers

  • Knew the Underground Railroad passwords

  • Was a local politician

4. William Goodrich:

  • Owned a 5-story skyscraper

  • Transported runaway slaves in his railway cars

  • Had a photography business in York, PA

  • Helped John Brown’s associate to safety after the Harpers Ferry raid

  • Started a tire company

5. Harriet Tubman was:

  • A nurse

  • The personal liberator of more than 300 slaves

  • A Quaker

  • The first woman spy

  • Led an armed expedition leader during the Civil War

"True" Answers

1. Maroons
Maroons were escaped slaves living in "outlaw" independent communities in the Great Swamp/Dismal Swamp area of the South. They forced some plantation owners to pay a monthly allotment of food and livestock to avoid being raided. Your $25 donation makes you a Maroon conductor.

2. How many? Over 50,000 slaves escaped!

3. Yokum
Constable Yokum - was a peacekeeper who knew the passwords - like "William Penn" - employed by agents of the Underground Railroad and used them to move escaped slaves along to safety. He is famous for mis-directing slave catchers. Your $100 donation makes you a Constable Yokum conductor

4. Goodrich
William Goodrich - was a successful black businessman man (barbering, photography) in York PA, who built a 5-story 'skyscraper'. He owned a railway business and transported runaways in his rail cars. He also provided a safe house to an associate of John Brown's after the Harper's Ferry raid. Your $500 donation makes you a William Goodrich conductor.

5. Tubman
Harriet Tubman - the 'Moses" of her people - personally liberated more than 300 slaves, including her mother and father. Sidelined during the Civil War as a nurse, she nonetheless was the first woman spy during the war and the first woman to lead an armed expedition, the Combahee River Raid, which liberated over 700 slaves. Your $1000 donation makes you a Harriet Tubman conductor.

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