There are a lot of ways to learn more about the Underground Railroad (UGRR), slavery and slave resistance, including these websites.

UGRR In Brooklyn



National Parks Service UGRR Site

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

Canada and the UGRR

Transatlantic Slave Trade

Slave Rebellions

The Weyanoke Association (American African & Indian history and culture) and UGRR

(searchable National Parks Service "Network to Freedom" online directory)

Cycling Along the UGRR

Underground Railroad Quilts

While there is controversy in the quilt community about the validity of using quilts as a means of passing along messages including warnings, safety, and shelter, there is no dispute that African American women contributed greatly to the making of the family quilts meant to be heirlooms.

Believe the story or not as you wish, but here are some of the designs (PDF) shared by Ozella McDaniel Williams in her book, Hidden in Plain View.

Local quilt guilds:

Quilters of Color Network of NY

Empire Quilters Guild

Quilters Guild of Brooklyn

Thank you to Aleeda Crawley, Firberartist for your generous sharing of quilting information and making the quilt used in Singin. For more information contact her at:
Aleeda Crawley, Fiberartist/Owner Sacred Space Fiberstudio, LLC
Beauty expressed as fiber